Sunday, September 6, 2009

Meet My New Best Friend

That's right, on my kitchen windown sill, in all of its glory, sits my new best friend. If you knew help helpful and hard-working and brilliant this creation was, you would want a friend like this too. Perhaps, even better than the 12 cup capacity, even better than the slicing blades, even better than the dough blade, was the cost. Most large efficient food processors retail from $200-$300, I stumbled across this at Kohl's clearance and cleared it for $70. Don't go running out to your local Kohl's, though, to find them, they are last year's model and as such, are a limited find. Unfortunately you can not even get it online. If you can't find one, you are welcome to visit mine, although, you will probably leave feeling insanely jealous:)

My tiny reliable mini prep food processor burned out a few weeks ago. It was the perfect excuse to upgrade to a larger capacity option with more features. I found it at my local Kohl's, as it was the floor model. Unfortunately, it was missing a blade, so after lots of research, the closest one I could get was an hour's drive away. Thank God for fearless friends, because my childhoood friend, Krista, accompanied me on the trip which involved the NJ roads that I absolutely despise. In the end, even my husband agreed that it was worth all the trouble. Cheesecakes, homemade pie crusts, pesto, blended soups, tomato purees, smoothies, juliened veggies, chopped nuts,tuna and chicken salds, here I come - in 12 cup capacity!

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