Friday, June 11, 2010

Everything Good Happens in Summer

for children anyway. They get to do all the things that they love. Play with water, wear dreses that twirl, investigate the creepy crawlers, eat ice pops, walk in the rain, and sleep in the buff (well, John, that is. Poor John is on night duty while daddy sleeps. Is he really half the size of Dave?)

A Century Apart

There is almost an entire century that has passed between the birth of his great grandmother and his own. She has truly *lived* a lifetime and his is just beginning. Her love of him makes his eyes bright and full of life. His love of her makes her eyes bright and full of life. They bring each other so much light, so much love, and so much hope. Here's to more moments like this one.

Weak Moments

Have you ever been talked into doing something totally irrational by your kid?

Like making strawberry cake for breakfast?

No, not eating leftover cake for breakfast. Rather, baking a cake from scratch to serve as the first meal of the day. With frosting. And candles.

Before I had kids, I would have found this to be completely unacceptable. That was back when I knew precisely how to parent.

Now that I have kids, I know nothing about parenting and am making strawberry cake for breakfast. Does it matter that it was whole wheat? OK, I am not going to try to justify what I've done.

In the words of my husband, "Did you really agree to this."

In the words of yours truly, "Absolutely not. I mean not really. Well. Maybe. Maybe I said maybe. I can't remember. I really don't recall. Aren't you going to have some?"

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