Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baptism of John Cornelius

John was baptized this past Sunday in a quiet ceremony at our home with his family and godmother present. Our pastor was nice enough to come out to us since John is homebound until he builds up a healthy immune system. Since my last blog post, John was hospitalized for a week due to rspiratory illness. It was a very difficult time, especially, for John who was very sick and Bella, who had never been separated from mom before and was just getting over suspected H1N1. Thankfully, most of the days fell over Dave's Christmas break, so he was able to care for Bella and travel back and forth to the hospital while I roomed in with John.

We really wanted to have John baptized so our pastor offered to travel to our home so that John could receive the sacrament. Interestingly, January 10th celebrated the Baptism of the Lord, by John the Baptist, our John's patron saint. And the reading for Mass centered on the baptism of Cornelius, our John's other patron saint. What a fitting and meaningful day for our little man. John wore Dave's baptismal garment from 1968 and how cute did he look!

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