Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Room for Two?

Isabella has quite the interest in the crib. Most likely that is because she never saw one until John came along. Poor girl. Anyway, now they like to rev up, I mean wind down for the evening visiting through the bars. Much to their mother's dismay, Bella usaully ends up in the crib. With John. No one of course is sleeping. It just becomes what La Leche League calls a Romp and Roar area for toddlers, cruisers, whatever. Maybe I should get stricter with my parenting. What do you think? It's hard to stand in the way of two loving siblings. And by 8pm, the house is usually overrun by kiddies anyway and I am in survival mode, collecting laundry, hanging towels, and chasing an unwilling toddler around with a toothbrush. Oh, I am sorry. Are you still stuck on the part about my kids being awake at 8pm? I KNOW. If you ever really want to lend me a hand, come over for a visit during the evening hours when hubby is at work. That's when the real craziness begins. And if you have any tips for coordinating sleep with two littles under the age of 3, leave a comment. Think of how famous you could become. According to Google, this blog gets a lot of hits!

Bethany Beach 2010

We had a beautiful vacation this year, thanks to Papa and Grandma. Truth be told, it was comparable to having in home child care. Papa and Grandma took meticulous care of the kiddos (a much better job than I) which freed Dave and I up for some kid free dinners, walks, and shopping. We missed Aunt Linds who could not coordinate her vacation time with the week we booked. We still can't get a good family of four picture. I remain hopeful and am posting the shot anyway!

All About John

Bella was the spotlight of this blog for two years. It's Johnny C's turn to shine. And shine he does. People ask us, is he always this happy. Yes. Yes he is.

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