Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Tree

The first year that Dave and I were married we got this monsterous Christmas tree that was way too big for our little townhome. This year, we decided on a petite version which we are absolutely loving. It took Dave 30 seconds flat to put the lights on it, but we are absolutely loving the smell and inspiration it brings to our home. Isabella loves putting the ornaments on and off.

Valley Music Center Christmas Party

Dave and his partner, George, through a fantastic holiday party at a local venue to celebrate the work of their staff. Isabella had a wonderful time playing with George's 2 daughters, Elizabeth and Mikayla.

"Dashing through the Snow..."

Isabella went racing down the hills of Panther Valley in her baby sled. Dave was nice (and energetic) enough to pull her up and down the hills over and over again while she chanted "more, more". You would never know he is turning 40 tomorrow. Happy Birthday, D!

Stir Crazy

What does an energetic toddler look like after being snowed in for 3 days? You guessed it - scary stuff :)

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