Friday, September 4, 2009

Cast Your Vote

I am not computer savvy enough to figure out how to create a poll on my, if you are interested, we'd love to hear what you think the baby's gender will be. The stakes can get pretty high around here so let's just keep it all in good fun on the blog.

During the last pregnancy Nana Sacco bet Papa Sullivan $100 that the baby would be a girl. It's hard to say what ever happened to that money. Of course, it depends on who you ask.

My mother in law, a retired nurse, conducts a "very official" test where she dangles a pin from a string over the pregnant belly to determine the gender.

Dave and Isabella insist that the baby is a girl. So, I guess it depends on where or who you put your trust.

As for me, the pregnant mama who carries the little one and delights in every little movement, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA AND LOVE NOT KNOWING! IT IS ONE OF THE BEST SURPRISES FOR ME:)

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Anonymous said...

Grandma is hoping for a healthy
baby, and an easy labor and
delivery for Lauren.

I'm very sure my little girl, Isa,
will be a loving, helpful, and
caring "big sister".

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