Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chalk in My Pocket

My dear and very talented friend, Regina, just launched a new website on creative education for little ones. If you are a mom looking for fun and frugal ideas to make it through the rest of this bleary winter with your children, this is the website for you! Homemade puffy paint for bathtub, apple chips for a mid afternoon snack, lovey dovey hearts for Valentine's Day (next year that is) - it's all over there. I know her in "real life" and she truly is that cool:)

Stop by for a visit, but don't spend your whole day there, as you easily could!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

With Gratitude

holy experience

27. a good day after a really bad one

28. Music Man playing after dinner with the kids, "Daddy, get me and throw me!"

29. familiar faces at Mass

30. my cousin Marieannette's penne alla vodka recipe without the vodka

31. a balmy afternoon outdoors with the kids

32. a toddling little one continually in awe of snow

33. the helpful ways of Ballerina girl

34. an unexpected Valentine's day gift from a thoughtful friend

35. the first words of Little man (mama, dada, papa, water, ball, book, more, go)

36. an evening out with neighboring moms

37. a good month for Music Man's business

38. rediscovering the Little House series with Ballerina girl

39. a Sunday nap

40. help with the kids from Grandma and Papa

41. laughing on the phone with my only sister

42. catching Saturday night EWTN cinema with Music Man for the first time in months

43. learning the story of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes

44. trying out recipes from the Laura Ingalls Wilder Country Cookbook

45. making sure my littles wake up to something special on Valentine's Day just like I did when I was a kid

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Mother's Sabbath

Dave took off to the park with the kiddies. I helped get them ready with last minute changes, bathroom breaks, and snow suits, boots, gloves, and hats. That only took every bit of 30 minutes. And then I tried not to close the door on them as they were leaving. Really, though, I felt like I paid my dues since I tackled the snow gear and was going to spend the time tidying and preparing a nice dinner. Did I enjoy my 60 minute Mother's Sabbath? Heck ya. One glass of chianti and 2 chocolate hearts later, I was looking forward to their return.

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