Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Birthday Letter

Happy Birthday to you, Little Man, on this most special birthday. You are my sweet daily reminder of just how precious life is. Maybe I would not have known before, just how precious the gift of life is. But I know now. Each day. Each moment. Each breath.

We loved you before you were even here. We loved the very thought of you. One year ago today, you came into this world fighting. You had no choice. The moments following your birth were a whirlwind. We did not get to hold you as much as we anticipated. My heart ached for you. You were with your Daddy, fighting to breathe. My heart ached for him. I was surrounded by people that loved me. But all I really wanted was to be with you.

In fact, it was only the next day, that I got a really good look at you. And it was only the day after that, that I got to hold you as long as I wanted. Even though we had lived together for nine months, it was like meeting you for the first time. You were exceptionally handsome and I was completely in love. We still love holding you, but those moments go by quickly now. You have the whole world waiting for you to explore.

You are our second child, but our first boy. You love showing us the ropes, but wonder why we can't keep up! You already have a mind of your own and appear to be unyielding. Lucky for you, your sister already paved this path and your Daddy and I are bigger and stronger. You are not the boss of us, little one! You love your sister and playing silly with her. Except of course, when you are looking to get the heck away from her. You collect smiles and love everywhere you go and you always spread your own, in turn.

You are our birthday boy today and our reminder to celebrate all birthdays like we celebrate yours. With hearts full of gratitude and eyes lifted toward Heaven.

So, go walk in the footsteps of your great patron, and "Prepare the Way of the Lord".

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