Monday, July 20, 2009

Lake Nanuet

Dave was out of town for the weekend so we traveled to Nanuet on Sunday to spend the day at Lake Nanuet. Bella and I hung out with Papa and my friend, Krista, at the lake. Krista, my long time childhood friend, and I would spend every day of every summer at the Lake from 1985-1997. And, wow, has it changed in the past decade. It is now a kid friendly water park with slides and sprinklers everywhere. When we last went, it was a lake with a dock! I am really aging myself! Nevertheless, Isabella immersed herself in the water and all the fun activities. She showed special affection for Krista who is always a favorite among kiddies anyway. And, Papa, who hasn't his favorite Lake Nanuet ice pop in over a decade, must have been reminicent too because he made sure that Isabella got the coconut Froz Fruit experience. Some habits are never outgrown :) We can't wait to take Dave to check out the Lake.

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