Saturday, July 4, 2009

30's: The best years

or at least this is what I hear from Oprah!

Dave hosted a small family gathering for me on this special occasion at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Although I wasn't able to indulge in any sangria in honor of baby White, I did sneak a couple of sips from my mom's while she was busy with Isabella. We all went to town on the guac and pico de gallo, including my grandma who doesn't like this kind of food. She made sure to let everyone know that the ice cream cake was her favorite part of the meal! Thanks to those who celebrated with me and thanks to all who sent such nice wishes my way. Even Isabella got to open her own gift, courtesy of Aunt Barb who thinks of everything :)

If you noticed in a previous blog post, we celebrated my husband's 40th this past winter. Yes, we are 10.5 years apart, but very much close together. Besides no one ever thinks that he is 40! His military haircut keeps him looking young and even more importantly he is young at heart.


Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Lauren!!
Isa is getting so big and is just so adorable. Congrats with baby #2 on the way!! hope to see you soon!

Laura Senenko

sue said...

Happy Birthday Lauren!!! Yes, I would have to say that the 30's were my best years. I guess I can say that being I will be 40 in a few months! Mmmmm maybe I better get a military hair cut! LOL

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