Saturday, May 23, 2009

Welcoming Summer Hand in Hand

Isabella and her friend Claire had a blast this week discovering local water spots to take a break from the rising temperatures. She also learned the word "picnic" and thoroughly enjoys the experience of setting up a spot at the parks. Perhaps, even more than the actual picnic, Bella takes great excitement in helping Mommy to pack the cooler, carefully arranging her favorite items for the week - sandwiches, hummus, chips, carrots, cantaloupe, oranges, watermelon, and lots of icy watered down juice! We will keep you posted on all of the local spots to visit for the summer. We did away with naptime schedules for a few days this week to soak up the sunshine, make mud pies, and cool off in the creeks. How blessed we are to live in an area surrounded by so much natural beauty. Self-directed toddler exploration is best at this age, but Claire's mommy (a former teacher and park ranger) and myself can't help but already brainstorm lesson ideas for next summer. We are thinking lots of nature walks and nature study along the trails and in the creek. We can't wait to share our newly discovered spots with Daddy. Let the laid back days of summer begin:)
Note: These pictures are from Stephen's State Park located right off Waterloo Road in Allamuchy. The facilities include a great toddler playground, tons of picnic tables including a covered pavillion, very clean restrooms, water fountains, grills, fishing spots, shallow creek spots for cooling off, and campgrounds. Admission is free for the grounds, although I am not sure the fee for camping. Here's a link to the state's website on the park


Gina said...

Love the pics Lauren, we had a great time and Claire was fast asleep minutes after we left. All the fresh air and hiking made for a great late afternoon snooze!

Anonymous said...

We should definitely go to Horse Shoe Lake Park in Roxbury soon. They have the walking trail and a great play area :)


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