Friday, May 29, 2009

The $10.99 Purchase

I had $11 burning a hole in my pocket since the weekend. Dave was getting paid later that evening so the $11 didn't need to last me much longer. I was completely on my own for an entire 45 minutes as Isabella was playing electric guitar at Dave's store under his watchful eye. As I drove into town I knew I was approaching Alstede Farm, a family owned farm that makes homemade ice cream year round. And therein began my downward spiral. The temptation was much too great for a pregnant mama to resist.

As I walked in, I surveyed the mouth watering displays of fresh produce. The strawberries had just been picked and the asparagus had just been cut. I thought about Isabella and how she would probably really love the strawberries. But I still headed straight to the ice-cream counter where I sampled some new fancy flavors, but decided on classic cookies and cream. In my defense, I ordered the smallest sized serving that they offered. Even still, the teen behind the counter was very generous to me. As I stepped over to pick up some milk for the house, I encountered one of my favorite things. Light from heaven was streaming down upon the 6 pack of homemade apple cider donuts. I shamefully grabbed the milk, the 6 pack, and my ice-cream cone, a purchase that totalled $10.99. I was in the clear.

The ice-cream cone tasted so good going down but that feeling didn't last much longer. My blood sugar quickly rose only to bring on a sudden fit of nauseau when I came crashing down. The donuts, on the other hand, made it home, completely in tact, all half dozen of those perfectly appley goodness. The donuts were so much more enjoyable the next morning with my dear husband and dear daughter indulging in such goodness with me. The moral of the story: Don't drive past farm heaven when you are hungry and pregnant. An additional lesson to be learned is that $11 can take you pretty far in life! And the most important lesson of all: the best things in life are even better when shared.

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