Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

On this special day, I am thankful to my mother for:

staying home with us when we were little,
making special posters for our birthdays,
making us homemade white pizza with broccoli on the days that dad worked late,
buying me a special dress for every meaningful occasion from the 8th grade dance to my wedding day,
always welcoming our friends into our home,
always lending a helping hand,
sending us to swim practice with the thickest, moistest slices of her banana bread smothered with butter,
teaching us about forgiveness, generossity, and having a happy heart,
and for continuing to do many special motherly things for my own little girl.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

On this special day, I am thankful to my Grandmother for:

being the matriarch of our family,
bringing life and laughter to every occasion,
always "telling it like it is",
making THE BEST stuffed artichokes,
teaching me how to play every card game I know,
reminding us to always be grateful for family,
for having the strength and faith to overcome every kind of life adversity (Great Depression, cancer, death of a spouse, etc),
and for all of the wonderful childhood memories that are too many to name.

Happy Mother's Day, Gram!

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