Friday, April 10, 2009

Holly Ridge Farm

We recently took our annual Spring trip to Maryland to visit with the White family. Isabella had a nice little reunion with her Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, warming up to the new surroundings very quickly. She especially enjoyed all of their beautiful Spring flowers in their Greenhouse, lounging around with Pop-Pop in his very official Pop-Pop chair, and chowing down on the vegetable soup that Mom-Mom prepared especially for her. Aunt Sue even came by for a visit with her furry friend, Riley, who Isabella made certain that everyone knew he was indeed a "doggie". We had lots of time to relax and to explore the 20+ acre Holly Ridge Farm including the swinging bench and the pond. Mom-Mom made lots of delicious food for everyone, especially Maryland favorites, such as crab cakes and steamed shrimp. My husband did get one extra special meal that I just had to take a picture of - a German apple pancake made completely from scratch with Mom-Mom's homemade apple sauce on top. Imagine starting your day like that? And get this, what shocked me even more than the pancake was the fact that Mom-Mom gets her pastured organic eggs for 50 cents a dozen, due to her local connections. That's right - 50 cents. She may have to leave a comment to confirm this never seen before deal. Oh, and I came back completely equipped to do my own patio tomatoes this year, thanks to my Holly Ridge Farm connections. And my dear friend, Sue, just told me that she is going to give me a tomato plant because she just started a bunch last week. So, now let's talk recipe ideas for tomato and basil because I just may live off of them this summer, just me of course. I can prepare some other items for Dave and Bella. Anyone that knows me knows that I completely adore the combination of fresh tomatoes and basil. Let's hear your ideas for tomatoes and basil!
I do have to report to that the 5 hour trip down and back was completely smooth.
Here are my tips on successful travel with a teething toddler.
*Ice, Ice, and more Ice (rest stops supply the perfectly crushed version)
*cheesey, silly singing by mommy and daddy
*those oatmeal cookies that I just posted the recipe for
*good snacks (grapes, cheese, apples, crackers) for everyone
*scheduling travel to coincide with nap time
*stopping every couple of hours for ample stretching and unrestricted movement
*stopping for a hot meal at the mid-way point to renew energy and spirits


lauren said...
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dave said...

great job you

sue said...

I love reading your updates. It was really nice reading about your trip to Holly Ridge Farm. It looks like you all had a fantastic time. The flowers look absolutely beautiful and that apple pancake thing looks amazing!!! I want some of that
Your tomato plant is growing more every day. I can't wait till its 8 feet high for you!! MMMMMMM tomato sandwiches. I have made a tomato stuffing. It was super yummy.

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