Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday

We celebrated Easter Sunday at Grandma's and Papa's house. Bella was busy with her older cousins, Samantha and Luke, who gave her lots of attention and were constantly looking out for her. They even ensured that she got a fair share of eggs in the Easter egg hunt. How nice is that! We enjoyed Aunt Barb's manicotti, Grandma's artichoke quiche, and Karen's cheesecake - all of our favorite traditional Easter foods. We also got to drop in for a very quick visit with Fran and Grace who had special baskets for Bella. In addition to the fun egg hunt, we even played around with a very neat parachute that the kids really seemed to enjoy. I have to look up some other parachute activities that we can use it for as it will be the perfect addition to picnics and visits to the park. Hope everyone had a joyful Easter Sunday.

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