Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chalk in My Pocket

My dear and very talented friend, Regina, just launched a new website on creative education for little ones. If you are a mom looking for fun and frugal ideas to make it through the rest of this bleary winter with your children, this is the website for you! Homemade puffy paint for bathtub, apple chips for a mid afternoon snack, lovey dovey hearts for Valentine's Day (next year that is) - it's all over there. I know her in "real life" and she truly is that cool:)

Stop by for a visit, but don't spend your whole day there, as you easily could!!!!!


Regina said...

Oh aren't you too sweet! I'm still demanding a guest post! And if Disney contacts me to "review" their theme parks I'm taking you all along with me - the more opinions the better, right?!

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