Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Little Way

This past Friday marked the Feast of St. Therese, Flower of the Child Jesus, known for her "Little Way". In her autobiography, St. Therese wrote that simply picking up a pin with great love could save a soul. She even went as far as seeking out little hardships for herself to endure, so that she would have something to offer up for the sake of souls. St. Therese wrote that she was certain that this was the surest path to heaven. Accordingly, she was cannonized only 28 years after her death, and is now known as the Saint of Modern Times.

St. Therese used the metaphor of a "pin". In the state of motherhood, this can easily equate to scattered socks, crumbs on the floor, or yet another night waking. When I think about all of the "pins" about my day, I realize the ample oppotunity that I have to save souls. What are your "pins"?

Lord, help us to embrace the small trials that come our way, with great love and generous hearts, following the path of St. Therese.

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