Thursday, November 12, 2009

Movin Out

Shortly after Bella turned two, we set up a room for her and she took to it immediately. Everyone warned us that she would never leave our bed after co-sleeping through her initial two years. However, we remained hopeful, after reading Dr. Sears who explains that many toddlers are ready and willing to have their own sleep space at about two years of age. It is certainly nice to have a small home because the bedrooms are only separated by a very short hallway. I'm sure this contributes to feeling safe and secure on both of our parts. Bella seems to enjoy her own space for sleeping and playing, during the day and night. Some nights she wakes up needing mom, but I am ok with that and it seems to be pretty normal. Dave, especially, enjoys when Bella comes in for a morning snuggle on weeekend mornings when he gets to sleep in.

Her little desk is simply a snack table and child sized chair. The personalized quilt hanging over her bed was a gift from her Aunt Pat when Bella was just a baby. And the bookshelf was a yard sale purchase from Grandma. The comforter was mine from my days at Fordham - yes, I loved pink flowers in grad school. The only item we bought for the room was the princess carpet at Home Goods for $12. Just trying to make the point, that children's rooms can be cute, comfortable, and economical. If you noticed, she is enjoying a queen sized bed, only because that is what we happened to have. In a couple more years, she may find herself pressed for space when baby White moves in:)

Yes, that's a bare bottom on Bella if you looked closely. The picture was taken in the warmer weather:)

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