Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sudden Growth Spurt?

It was a very strange thing that happened today. When we left for Saturday morning errands, John fit into the carseat. Barely. But everything clicked. Later in the afternoon, when were loading the kiddies into the car, Dave said something was wrong with the seat because the buckles didn't reach each other. He disassembled the darn thing, thinking that something was stuck. It wasn't. The strap lengths were maxed out and we could not make the ends meet to buckle. Is that even possible? For a babe to have a sudden growth spurt of that proprotion?

We moved onto plan B which was to install the toddler seat in the minivan and ditch the infant seat. John seemed happy with the change and fell asleep peacefully with his sister. Now we did not load up the car for sleeping, rather we were heading out for a fun afternoon out of doors. Apparently we miss a lot of memos around here.

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