Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

This Easter was truly a glorious one and so symbolic. Perhaps our Lent was more fruitful than usual, letting us truly relish in the Ressurection. Perhaps the sunshine and blue skies inspired the soul after the long dark winter. All I know is that all of creation was singing praise on Easter morning and we couldn't be happier.

Mommy's one request for an Easter picture as a family of four was met with toddler dismay and a squinting handsome husband, but I am sharing it anyway!

John got to meet his extended family which he loved because he is such a ham! He even napped during the celebration, falling asleep while Grandma was pinching his thighs. (On a side note, how come my kids take naps at other people's homes, but not mine!!!) Spending time with her cousins was the highlight of Bella's day. She also enjoyed sneaking jelly beans to her friend Grace (hopefully Fran is not reading this). And Aunt Barb planned a very special Easter Egg Hunt for the little ones. Bella's older cousin, Samantha, is a little mother to her, attending to all of Bella's needs. As if that wasn't enough, Papa was sneaking ice cream to the kids outside before dessert. (Yes, I knew about that).

Check out Nana with her 7 great grand children.

The only missing element of our day was Belgian chocolate. I mean my sister.

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