Friday, August 14, 2009

Kiddie Party

Isabella had a blast at her 2nd b-day pool and pizza party, right here in Panther Valley. The kiddos had the entire kiddie pool to themselves and weren't shy about jumping right in - no pun intended :) Isabella's friends Claire, Katie, Ryan, and Paige came out to celebrate with her. She especially enjoyed the balloons that Daddy went out to get her early in the am as well as blowing out the candle. If you notice in the pictures, 2 cupcakes are plain, not because I ran out of frosting, but because Isabella insisted that I leave hers plain! As a sidenote, if you want to avoid overly sugary frosting, beat cream cheese, butter, and honey together for a creamy sweet coating. This way you can avoid all of those mysterious ingredients in the store bought frosting container. My friend, Regina, encouraged this effort and was pleased with the results:) Thanks to all who came to celebrate with us.

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Sue B said...

Happy Birthday, Isabella!

Your Aunt Sue

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