Monday, March 30, 2009

Whole Grain Rotini with Roasted Tomatoes and French Bread

Mmmmmm. Just had to post about our favorite pasta sauce ever in case anyone wants to try it. It's so EASY and so FRESH which is why we love it. Vine ripened tomatoes were on sale this week so I simply couldn't help myself. This dish is really best served in the summertime when the local tomatoes are abundant, but it still measured up quite nice tonight, according to the hubby. I never use measurements so all quantities are approximate. OK, ready, steady, cook it!

1/2 lb Whole Grain Rotini (we like Barilla Plus)
6 Fresh Tomatoes (Vine Ripened, Roma, or Plum)
Few Cloves fresh garlic (Yes, it has to be fresh)
Salt, Pepper

Roast or saute tomatoes, garlic, salt, and pepper until very soft and mushy. Then puree and toss with cooked pasta. I usually add some reserved cooking water from the pasta (a special touch I learned from both my friend Fran and Giada on the Food Channel). Top with lots of grated pecorino romano cheese because this really seals the deal. Serve alongside freshly baked bread and a nice green salad (which I forgot to put out because we were so preoccupied with our carbs tonight - oooops :))

My sister in law, Dottie, gave me a Walmart gift card a few years ago for Christmas so that I could purchase a breadmaker which we are really getting a lot of use out of these days. The only thing better than biting into a piece of freshly baked bread with melted butter is the smell that infuses your home while the bread is baking. We usually make whole grain breads but my friend, Regina, convinced me to just go ahead and make the french bread tonight. Regina and I are cohorts in tracking down and implementing more nourishing and frugal meal ideas.

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Regina said...

And I'll bet you weren't sorry to make that french bread either - yum yum yum it looks so good!I have to try the Barilla plus brand, with all the different blends of flours in it, I'll bet it doesn't taste like the cardboard pasta I recently tried. Your dinner looks delicious!

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