Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Hearts

Isabella had quite an eventful Valentine's Day weekend, visiting with Grandma, Papa, and Nana on Friday. She loves visiting 4 Norge because she gets lots of love there and always leaves with a happy heart. Bella received quite an extensive valentine collection this year, including her first one from a boy (gasp)! At this point in time it is hard to say exactly what is going on with her and her boy-friend Ryan - that is, a boy that is a friend. If you notice in the pictures Isabella is sporting her happy hearts hoodie for the holiday, a gift from Aunt Barb. Stay tuned for the Spring blog updates when she will be sporting some new wardrobe pieces from Fran, Grace, Lindsay, and Grandma. In celebration of Valentine's Day we dined at a Thai restaurant in Hackettstown with our friends Jen and Mark and their twin girls. Jen is pregnant and due any time now - we thought for sure that she would go into labor at dinner, but no action yet :) We rented the movies Bella and Fireproof - 2 movies with underlying Christian themes - Dave and I are hoping to watch one of them tonight! Wishing everyone a happy heart.

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