Monday, January 5, 2009

Visit to Maryland

We traveled to see Dave's family in Maryland and Isabella enjoyed her time with Mom Mom and Pop Pop. Dave took her for walks on the farm as it was a mild 60 degrees down there. Certainly Isabella will have even more fun exploring Mom Mom and Pop Pops 20 acre farm during our Spring and Summer visits. Maybe Pop Pop will even let her pick some blueberries and eggplant this year. Having been at the tail end of her stomach bug, Isabella wasn't up for enjoying most foods. However, Mom Mom was nice enough to send us home with her own jarred applesauce, peaches, and pickles. We always enjoy our visits to Maryland because they are very relaxing and indeed like a vacation. Dave's mom makes a hearty breakfast every morning - she makes the most delicious scrambled eggs. What's her secret? Let's just say that it's all in the butter!

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