Monday, October 13, 2008

Van Saun Park

We had a wonderful weekend enjoying the fantastic weather of the Fall season. Isabella had an incredible time at Van Saun park in Bergen County, NJ with her grandma on Saturday. My mom tells me that she would take my sister and I there all the time (way back when of course) with her girlfriends and their kiddies. She jolted my memory and I actually do remember some of our trips to Van Saun. Anyway, it was Isabella's first time visiting and she absolutely LOVED it there. We explored one of four different playgrounds (all based on age), rode the Choo Choo train around the park and zoo, and hung on to a panda for dear life on the carousel. I highly recommend visiting this park with a bunch of other moms or making a family trip out of it. You can easily pass the whole day there. Don't forget to pack a lunch! Here is the link for some information about Van Saun park in case you are interested.

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