Monday, September 22, 2008

Dinner is Served

Mmmmm. Green beans and potatoes are in season here in NJ and we are definitely taking advantage. Since the start of the summer we have only been eating local produce from Godlewsky Farms, Donaldson Farms, and Best Fruit Farm. It certainly makes for more running around but it is so worth it. Godlewsky is mostly organic produce while the other 2 farms are not. However, eating local is more of a priority to us than eating organic. We know where our food is coming from and we are supporting local farmers. What will we do when the colder weather arrives? Not sure yet. I'd love to hear suggestions on this. I've heard mixed reviews on the Food Coops out there (i.e. Suburban Organics, Purple Dragon). Until then, we'll be eating green beans and potatoes very often. My hubby doesn't seem to mind b/c these are his favorite side dishes!

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